Hill Station Honeymoon Packages: Hand-Picked Destinations

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Romance in the air, aroma of blossoming roses around and several marriages on the cards means the need of quality hill station honeymoon packages comes next. The concept of arranged marriages is still very much in fashion in India and every year thousands of couples tie the knot with their parents’ consent. In such a case couples doesn’t get enough alone time. The newly-wed couples thus find their dream honeymoon destination at gorgeous hill stations of India. Hill station honeymoon is most popular for its incredibly enchanting natural splendor and solace.

India is known for its diverse terrain and the stunning hills are probably its most impressive façade. Mighty Himalayas crown mainly the northern region of the country while rest of the country is studded with several gorgeous hills and mountains. Couples throng these hill stations on honeymoon tours to ignite their romantic life amidst most endearing settings. Most famous hill stations honeymoon destinations in the country are:

Shimla: The homesick British colonizers would evade to the hills of Shimla when tired of the summers of the plains. The capital of Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla was declared summer capital of British Raj in 1864. The town draped in angelic beauty of forests of oak, rhododendron and pine trees with its enchanting snowy winters and delightful summers is a great place to visit and attracts hundreds of loving couples to spend their honeymoon here. Shimla is also exceptionally charming with its neo-gothic architecture and sacred places of worship spread all across.

Ooty: Destinations on your hill station honeymoon package may be promising you all the bliss it is incomparable to beauty that Ooty has in offer. It is the renowned hill station established by British in the early 19th century as their summer headquarters and nicknamed ‘Snooty Ooty’ for its unparalleled natural splendor. Single-storey stone cottages, gorgeous gardens, winding lanes and effervescence of eucalyptus and tea estates together create most charming scenery. With its rolling hills and their undulated ways, classy climate and colonial age architecture, Ooty tells a classic tale of beauty and elegance. The entire ambiance evokes romance in the hearts of young couples and they can be spotted taking nature walks hand-in-hand in the woods at Ooty.

Darjeeling: A pretty hamlet with spectacular Himalayan backdrop, Darjeeling in North-Eastern part of the country is where lovers are welcomed with the sweet smell of freshly ripened tea- leaves. Enjoy a lovable ride on Darjeeling Himalayan Railway a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a quaint hill station blessed with angelic beauty and serenity which enchants all.

The above mentioned destinations come to everyone’s mind when picking hill station honeymoon packages in India. These destinations are amongst the most picked places by honeymooning couples for they can relax and enjoy quality time with their partner for life and bag several memorable moments.

Source by Surya Prakash Mishra