5 Reasons to Visit Israel

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It may be quite tricky to think of a summary of the reasons why you’d want to pay a visit to Israel. After all, the mere mention of the place doesn’t seem as inviting as, let us say, England, Singapore or even Greece. Sure, one can always do some research on the Internet and find out that there are many things to do that will make your trip to Israel something worthwhile. In spite of this, below are just 5 reasons why you might want to consider heading off to Israel for a truly unique vacation.

  1. The weather – This is definitely a great reason for those who are often living in countries with cold climate. You’ll be the recipient of long hot summers and a regular dose of sunshine for 6 months straight. Even winters are not copious with snow, and you may simply suppose Christmas time to have the same temperatures as summer in the UK. one may even visit the beaches at Tel Aviv and be treated to pristine waters and warm sand.
  2. The food – You simply will not be capable to resist what Israel has to offer with regard to gastronomic delights. In fact, they offer a diverse range of exotic foods, like falafel, shwarma, hummus, tehina and some salads which can gratify even the most ardent of meat lovers.
  3. The locals – The people here are pretty hospitable, though you might not get that impression the first time around. As a matter of fact, you may even mistake them for being self-confident, yet they are just basically being as hospitable and doing all that’s possible to make you feel welcome. one can certainly imagine them to grow on you over time, and will surely appreciate their culture.
  4. The openness – Israeli people are likely to express themselves pretty vocally, and may even be unpredictable. Where else can you see bank managers roaming about the premises in a t-shirt and jeans? I rest my case.
  5. The geographical attractions – from green grassy oases to mountain tops which are filled with snow, there is certainly something for you to point your camera at. Israel is surely a place which offers all types of vivid sceneries to check out. You can even pay a visit to the Dead Sea or the Mitzpeh Ramon, which has a very large crater. There are certainly loads of significant landmarks that tourists can visit.

Source by B H Yao